Three As Contest Group - G0AAA

HF Contest Trophies at RSGB Convention 2012 

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HF Contest Trophies (and other RSGB Convention 2012) photos from
Chris GM3WOJ
Three As CG wins the Edgware Trophy (AFS CW) for the seventh year in a row.... Ian G3WVG (GI0AAA/p) wins the Frank Hoosen G3YF Trophy awarded to the leading 14Mc/s station in NFD
Graham G4FNL collects one of his several pots: G5MY Trophy (for highest aggregate score in RoPoCo) and the G2QT Cup (for the RSGB HF contest championship). Justin G4TSH wins yet another pot for something or other!
ZD7XF receives a "BERU Traveller" award [kindly supplied by Paul EI5DI] Dennis F5VHY, John G3LZQ and Nigel G3TXF with Edgware Trophy Low Power Field-Day (what's is that?) trophy won by Lionel G5LP
CDXC Cup :There is some confusion surrounding who has won this and for what? More details awaited from HFCC/CDXC! Ian G3WVG appears to have won something for MW5B in CQWWCW, but not sure what! Dennis G3MXJ (F5VHY) collects BERU (the leading UK low power station) plaque from RSGB President Dave M0OBW during the 2012 RSGB Convention. Chris GM3WOJ collects an ICOM sponsored plaque for the GM7V Group in the 2011 IOTA Contest (UK DX-pedition 24-hour runner-up).
Three As metal-work ... or closely related ... left to right : CDXC cup (but probably the wrong one!), Edgware Trophy for winning AFS-CW for the seventh time in a row, Lionel G5LP's tent in a field, ZD7XF's glass globe and Ian G3WVG's "Frank Hoosen G3YF" trophy for getting the highest score on 14Mc/s in NFD as GI0AAA/p.
Brissle Contest Group at the RSGB HF/VHF Contest ceremony with their usual massive haul of trophies. HF and VHF Contest trophies displayed before the start of the presentations at the 2012 RSGB Convention.