GW0AAA/p - VHF/UHF Field Day - July 2013
The GW0AAA/p 2013 VHF Field Day site was just over the border, not far from Monmonth in South Wales. Nigel G3TXF, Jack G8DX and Ian G3WVG at the GW0AAA/p 2013 VHF Field Day site near Monmouth.
Ian G3WVG and Jack G8DX assembling the 2m/70cm beams. The GW0AAA/p 2m/70cm antennas and station as night approaches. Ian G3WVG sorts out antenna bits while Jack G8DX operates on 2m.
Antenna rotation at the GW0AAA/p 2m/70cm station was by the (fast, cheap and reliable) armstrong method. The parasol brought along by Jack G8DX came in handy as all GW0AAA/p operating was done in the open air.
Jack G8DX relaxes while waiting to get back on to the 2m/70cm station for a night-time session. Both masts at GW0AAA/p were of the "classic Ian G3WVG gin-pole type" as practised on many HF NFDs.
Jack G8DX operating the 2m/70cm station from the back of Ian G3WVG's 4x4. Early Sunday morning task on VHF Field-Day : changing the 6m beam over to a 4m beam.
Three reliable generators at GW0AAA/p. Only one generator was needed to be operated at any one time. Jack G8DX and Ian G3WVG with "G3WVG/mobile" all packed up ready for the journey home.
The 5GHz AirMax repeater at the site (seen in back ground) appears to be a nasty noise source on 144MHz. Ian G3WVG operating the 2m/70cm VHF Field Day station at GW0AAA/p from the back of his 4x4.
Nigel G3TXF is spotted with a wrench in his hand. Nigel G3TXF operates on 6m (Sat) and on 4m (Sun).
Ian G3WVG studies the map before leading G8DX/m and G3TXF/m to the GW0AAA/p VHF Field Day site VHF Field Day is over. All packed up within 90 minutes and now ready for the steep drive back down the hill.